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PIGGY PILLOWS Cushioned Insoles for Flip Flops, Sandals & Shoes.

Piggy Pillows are sandal inspired insoles for fashion conscious women.  Designed to fit into sandals, but can be worn in any shoe, what makes them unique is the "key hole" feature at the top of the insole which allows them to conveniently fit into any shoe with or without a "thong" and without cutting. These insoles are available in ¾ length, as well as adjustable ball of foot and heel cushions to accommodate any size.

Designed to absorb moisture, especially after a pedicure, Piggy Pillows also provide substantial cushioning for hard, flat sandals and shoes. Piggy Pillows disguise worn marks, as well as keep your feet cleaner and drier with moisture absorbing antimicrobial treated fabric.

Functional and fashionable, Piggy Pillows are the perfect accessory.

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Featured in, In Touch Magazine, Piggy Pillows are a superior insole product, offering an attractive resolution to sandal related issues and pain relief. Our products include fun styles like Bohemian Piggy, Bare Naked Piggy, and Palm Island Piggy to coordinate with every look. Piggy Pillows will deliver flip-flop & sandal enthusiasts exactly what they’re looking for, comfort and style for their feet! Sandal comfort for all seasons, we are talking about a shoe product that women would love to wear year around, especially for style conscious women who include sandals and flip flops as everyday wear. Compliment your shoe obsession with added foot comfort, stylish designs, and a hygienic bonus of maintaining cleaner, drier feet, heels and toes. Thank you for considering Piggy Pillows to remedy all of your sandal related issues with our ball-of-foot pads, flip flop arch support, toe cushions, and odor absorbing properties. Regardless the shoe, whether it is a ballet flat, thong sandal, or flip flop sandal, Piggy Pillows can help. Original Piggy Pillows, with a silky top material and Beach Blanket Piggy with a soft terry cloth top material, along with playful palettes and cushioned comfort, will provide the soles of your feet with fashionable relief. Check out Piggy Pillows current collection of insoles, toe and heel pads, cushions and non-slip inserts, perfect for your little “piggys”!

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