Sandals, Piggy Pillows, Polish…Oh My!2015.07.16

Matching polish with sandals and sandal insoles

It’s smack dab in the middle of summer and I don’t know about you, but I’m coordinating almost everything I wear with cute, fashionable sandals.  While I tend to play it safe with my nail polish, wearing a classic soft pink color or a beautiful “French” pedicure, I love to coordinate certain sandals with a more outspoken polish.  For my skin tone, which is sort of tan all year around, I like a punchy coral paired with a gold and tan sandal.  If I’m feeling really adventurous, I’ll try a deep navy blue polish paired with a silver sandal.  Both are fun to wear and oh so easy to change.  Lastly, I always consider which Piggy Pillows I’ll be sporting in my sandals because with all that cuteness, I’m going to need comfort!  Wondering about matching the perfect polish with the perfect sandals? Click here to see the article.

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Protecting your feet at the pool or gym shower2015.06.19

Did you know that June 19 is National Flip Flop Day?  Free your feet, but think twice about going barefoot, especially in a public setting.

You may be tempted to kick off your flip-flops and walk around the pool club barefoot, but you should definitely fight the urge.  Dirty feet, splinters and stubbed toes are the least of your problems.  Public pools, bathrooms and showers are breeding grounds for germs and fungus (gross).  Keep your little piggy’s germ free and keep those flip-flops on, and while you’re at it, Piggy Pillows sandal liners can add that extra stylish comfort to your sandals while you are showing off that fabulous swimsuit and cover-up. 


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Spring & Summer sandals! Piggy’s get ready 2015.03.16

The days are heating up and everyone is shopping for great warm weather sandals!  As you are gearing up for summer, you may wonder if dry, hot weather will make your skin look flaky and not so supple.  If so, it is time for some skin care rescue so you are ready for sandal season.

In the cooler months, our feet are hidden and bundled up and not exposed to the effects of the dry summer air. If you want to keep your feet attractive and sandal worthy, I have some easy tips that will bring some life back into your feet!  If you don’t have time for a salon pedicure, try soaking your feet in a warm foot bath for 5 to 10 minutes.  I’ve read that black tea is great to use as an anti-bacterial agent in the water and Epsom salts will help soothe tired little piggy’s.  Gently rub away rough skin with a pumice stone or a moisturizing foot scrub.

When your feet are clean and dry, replace moisture with a rich cream.  Look for one with Cocoa butter or Shea butter, for instance, Flip Flop foot repair by PURE Factory Naturals is perfect and convenient.  A cream with salicylic acid will help soften tough skin as well.  Pay extra attention to your heels, especially if they are dry and cracking.  As I always do, follow with wearing your favorite Piggy Pillows, insoles for slides!

Love the way your feet look and feel in those awesome summer sandals.  Be proud to show them off!


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Remedy for hard, flat sandals2015.02.12

remedy for hard, flat sandals. Piggy Pillows

Living in South Florida, open sandals are not just a summer staple; they are practically year round footwear.  I will admit, I enjoy heels and boots paired with the appropriate outfit, but sandals are a cool convenience and (mostly) comfortable.  

I’ve been reading how sandals and flip flops are not so healthy for your feet and although feet were designed to walk barefoot on Earth's natural surfaces (grass or sand), they were not made to endure the concrete, asphalt and steel that covers so many landscapes today.   Hard and unmovable surfaces can be harsh on bare feet, and the thin rubber, plastic or leather sole of many sandals and flip-flops does little to adequately absorb the shock normal walking produces.  Knowing this, you should always try to wear insoles in your sandals with comfortable cushioning that wicks moisture away from your foot and provides some support.  A discreet insole, like Piggy Pillows, that concentrates on the ball of the foot and heel will keep your foot from sliding back and forth while you walk and will cut down on friction that can cause sores and irritation. 




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Happy New Year! 2015 is going to be great :)2015.01.07

Hello! I know it’s been a while, but I couldn’t let one more day go by without letting everyone know that we wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!  2014 was so much better than 2013 was and now I feel so much hope and anticipation for 2015.  

I can hardly wait to see what the year has in store for Piggy Pillows.  We have officially been in business 5 years as of November and despite a couple of setbacks along the way, we are still growing.  It really has been an interesting and insightful ride and I’m truly looking forward to learning and growing more every day.  I will continue to share throughout the year what’s new with us and hope that you will reach out and like our pages on social media.  We would love to hear your feedback or share information about fashion and shoes.  Either way, I’m grateful for the support and wish everyone success!  


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Saying "yes" to you...2014.09.19

When I started Piggy Pillows in 2007, I had grand ideas of sharing the product that I created with the world.  I’ll admit, I was naive and  inexperienced, but I decided to forged ahead because I believed in myself and the product that I genuinely poured my heart and bank account into. 

In late 2009 I finally had my product in hand and I found myself chasing every opportunity that came my way.   My business was brand new and I needed to get my product “out there”.  At first, I said yes to everything and everybody.  I needed to grow my business as well as my professional network so I viewed passing up any opportunity as unproductive.  In addition, there were people in and out of my circle that would tell me, “you know what you should do...” and “you need to do this...”

I embarked on a journey including everything from ladies trunk shows, where the participation fee equaled more than what I actually sold; to charity events where I gave hundreds of dollars of product away.  Being inexperience and hungry to succeed, the concept of “never give away what you can sell” didn’t occur to me.  I continued to partake in events and business deals that took up an enormous amount of energy and time with very little result or revenue.  My bottom line was staggering and I began to feel incredible guilty.  It quickly became exhausting and I became overcommitted, overwhelmed and most of all unfocused.

I decided to take a step back.  While I appreciated the input from outsiders, I needed to start saying no and distinguish the opportunities I wanted to pursue and which ones would benefit my brand and help me scale my business.  That was a game changer because I found myself saying no to opportunities and events I would otherwise take part in.  Saying no and not participating sometimes made me feel lazy or as if I wasn’t a “go getter” but looking back, I’m glad I did it because I was able to reevaluate and refocus my energy in the direction I envisioned for my brand. 

Every now and again I have to remind myself of how far I’ve come and focusing on long-term goals is important in the grand scheme of things.  Ups and downs are a given, one day I’ll find myself in tears not knowing why I did this and the next day I’m navigating through paperwork to sell Piggy Pillows to a department store.  Now I know why I did this!

Even after making numerous mistakes (even embarrassing ones) I’ve learned to trust my gut and stay true to the direction I envisioned for my brand.  You just never know what opportunities are just around the corner.


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What Happens in Vegas...2014.08.18

Well, it finally happened.  We officially have a destination showroom in Las Vegas!  

We have been working so hard to find the perfect partnership with a rep group and we found just that with Next Step Reps.  We are looking forward to the future and seeing Piggy Pillows flip flop insoles in boutiques throughout the west coast of the United States.  


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News Print Extra!Extra! Piggy- Black & White insoles2014.04.21

Newspaper print insoles for sandals

Along with the launch of Beach Blanket Piggy (soft terry cloth insoles), I’m also introducing a custom print to the Piggy Pillows line called Extra!Extra! Piggy.  

The inspiration behind this print has been with me for a while.  In 2012, while I was in Las Vegas at Magic|FN Platform show, I saw a woman looking incredibly chic wearing a red dress with a news paper print coat.  I loved it.  In addition, who could forget season 3 of Sex in the City when Carrie Bradshaw wore that incredible Dior dress?  I love the simplicity of the news paper print and you can never go wrong with black and white... it matches every shoe!  


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Introducing Beach Blanket Piggy2014.03.24

I am so excited to introduce the newest product from Piggy Pillows, Beach Blanket Piggy, terry cloth insoles for flip-flops.

The idea for Beach Blanket Piggy came to me after wearing a pair of sneakers that had the softest terry cloth insoles.  I thought, “Why are these just for sneakers?”  It honestly felt like stepping on a soft beach blanket.  I knew immediately that I wanted these shoe pads for my flip-flops and sandals.

Beach Blanket Piggy sandal cushions will be available in 4 different styles inspired by my travel experiences and my travel “wish list”.  Paradise Piggy, Panaluu Piggy, Palm Island Piggy & Beach Boho Piggy.

I thought a Beach Blanket Bingo theme would be fun to launch this particular product.  Clad in my Esther Williams pin up swimsuit with 1960’s makeup and hair, here is a sneak peek behind the scenes of the photo shoot:

terry cloth inserts for jelly sandals

Photo credit: S2 Creative

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Piggy Pillows - Solution for slipping in sandals after a pedicure2014.02.28

No slip pedicure insoles - Piggy Pillows

There is no mystery here; I love beautiful, high heeled, sometimes unbearably uncomfortable, shoes!  I would never venture out to show off beautiful shoes without beautiful feet. That’s where Piggy Pillows fashionable insoles come into play. I can’t speak for all women, but I do have that day once a month where no matter how busy I am, I find the time to get a pedicure. I love the moment after the relaxing massage and the precision paint job that my feet slip back into my sandals.  I always make sure to wear Piggy Pillows absorbent insoles to prevent slipping in my sandals from lotion and add padding to the hard sole. Continuing my day without slipping around, along with feeling the soft cushion under my feet was precisely why I created them.  Piggy Pillows sandal insoles promote a more comfortable and confident sandal wearing experience.

Here’s a tip: I started carrying a small (the size of a lipstick) twist up tube of foot balm or cocoa butter stick in my purse. I find it hides a multitude of sins between pedicures. Rub a little anywhere you can see dryness on your toes or heels.  In addition, exfoliate your feet regularly to reveal soft skin.  Applying the smallest bit of effort into the appearance of your feet can make a huge difference in the way they look in your favorite shoes!

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One Solid Piggy2014.02.28

Solid gun metal color sandal cushions

After the launch of my three little pigs Funky, Bohemian & Island, all my friends and customers kept asking me for a solid color.  One of my dearest friends told me she loved the insoles, but the current patterns clashed with the Gucci kitten heels she wanted them for. My response was, “If Huggy Bear (meaning Snoop Dogg as Huggy Bear in the Starsky & Hutch remake) can pull off wearing a 3 piece lavender suit while accessorizing with a full-length fur coat and walking cane... then you can make my insoles work with your kitten heels!” She laughed, I laughed, and in the end, I made a solid insole in a deep gunmetal color.


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When Piggy’s Fly2014.02.28

Butterfly print insoles for sandals, cushions for feet

I chose the print I call When Piggy's Fly in 2011 just before going to the gifting lounge for the Emmy awards.  I loved the colors against the black background, but most of all I love the name. The whimsical saying “When Pigs Fly” implies impossibility or scoffs at over-ambition. The literal meaning of this saying has nothing to do with my reasoning for choosing it, even though I’m guilty of being a bit over-ambitious! The fact is, it was all about my 22 years as a Stewardess. My little piggy’s have flown all over the world during my career and even though I am on the ground more these days, I wanted my beautiful and comfortable insoles to take me further in a direction I have never been before.

“It’s not the destination so much as the journey.” Captain Jack Sparrow


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Palm Island Piggy2014.02.28


Soft terry cloth insoles for feet and open sandals

I’m a South Florida girl, born and raised. Choosing the print I call Palm Island Piggy was easy. The first time I saw the print I thought about the beach and surfing. Growing up in a coastal town, the beach was a huge part of my life as a child, teenager, and young adult. I was never more than 20 minutes away from the waves and the sand. Now that I’m the age of ??? I still enjoy an occasional day at the beach, it just doesn't feel as carefree as it did when I was 17. The black and white hibiscus design in Island Piggy matches well with most sandals and shoes as well as coordinates with island/beach attire. Some of the colors and prints offered in the Piggy Pillows collection will be discontinued eventually, but you can be sure that a black and white Island print will remain!


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Bohemian Piggy2014.02.28

In the words of Brenda Strong (character Mary Alice from Desperate Housewives), “I’m a hippie at heart”.  Even though those weren’t my words, it was certainly how I felt the first time I saw the print I call Bohemian Piggy. I’m told a suit was made using the print and worn by Italian designer Gianni Versace, although I can’t find any proof to substantiate that claim. In my eyes, it looks like tie-dye. Modern psychedelic tie-dying did not become a fad until the late 1960s following the example set by rock stars such as Janis Joplin and John Sebastian (who apparently did his own dying). It became popular as a cheap and accessible way to customize inexpensive t-shirts, dresses, jeans, army surplus clothing, and other garments into psychedelic creations. I was only 2 years old when the music festival Woodstock took place but I’m impressed with the impact it had on our culture. When I decided to name that particular insole “Bohemian” I envisioned what it must have been like to take part in such a monumental occasion. I realize that the fantasy is far from the reality of the event, but how cool would it have been to say you were there. Dig?

tie dye gifts, bohemian style inspired insoles

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Funky Piggy2014.02.28

Best sandal insole

People ask me all the time how I come up with all the names for every color and pattern of Piggy Pillows. I have to say that naming each style is the easiest part of the process, not to mention the most fun for me!  

The first time I see a print that I want to incorporate into my collection, I immediately start to conjure up names for it. Take for instance Funky Piggy, which by the way was my very first selection. I remember I loved the colors and noticed that the particular print had every color to match everything. The swirls and the dots made me think of a 1960’s Mod fashion, which I have always been a fan of.  I adore a mini dress accompanied by go-go boots. I secretly wished that the airline I worked before as a Stewardess would bring back that look... I would have worked for free!


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