Remedy for hard, flat sandals


remedy for hard, flat sandals. Piggy Pillows

Living in South Florida, open sandals are not just a summer staple; they are practically year round footwear.  I will admit, I enjoy heels and boots paired with the appropriate outfit, but sandals are a cool convenience and (mostly) comfortable.  

I’ve been reading how sandals and flip flops are not so healthy for your feet and although feet were designed to walk barefoot on Earth's natural surfaces (grass or sand), they were not made to endure the concrete, asphalt and steel that covers so many landscapes today.   Hard and unmovable surfaces can be harsh on bare feet, and the thin rubber, plastic or leather sole of many sandals and flip-flops does little to adequately absorb the shock normal walking produces.  Knowing this, you should always try to wear insoles in your sandals with comfortable cushioning that wicks moisture away from your foot and provides some support.  A discreet insole, like Piggy Pillows, that concentrates on the ball of the foot and heel will keep your foot from sliding back and forth while you walk and will cut down on friction that can cause sores and irritation. 




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