Spring & Summer sandals! Piggy’s get ready


The days are heating up and everyone is shopping for great warm weather sandals!  As you are gearing up for summer, you may wonder if dry, hot weather will make your skin look flaky and not so supple.  If so, it is time for some skin care rescue so you are ready for sandal season.

In the cooler months, our feet are hidden and bundled up and not exposed to the effects of the dry summer air. If you want to keep your feet attractive and sandal worthy, I have some easy tips that will bring some life back into your feet!  If you don’t have time for a salon pedicure, try soaking your feet in a warm foot bath for 5 to 10 minutes.  I’ve read that black tea is great to use as an anti-bacterial agent in the water and Epsom salts will help soothe tired little piggy’s.  Gently rub away rough skin with a pumice stone or a moisturizing foot scrub.

When your feet are clean and dry, replace moisture with a rich cream.  Look for one with Cocoa butter or Shea butter, for instance, Flip Flop foot repair by PURE Factory Naturals is perfect and convenient.  A cream with salicylic acid will help soften tough skin as well.  Pay extra attention to your heels, especially if they are dry and cracking.  As I always do, follow with wearing your favorite Piggy Pillows, insoles for slides!

Love the way your feet look and feel in those awesome summer sandals.  Be proud to show them off!


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