Insoles, Inserts, Liners, Pads. What’s the difference?


Insoles, inserts, liners, pads, cushions, what's the difference?

There are many different sandal insole products on the market now a days, it can be confusing which product is the best insole choice for you and all of your little piggy’s.  First of all, you should know the difference between Foot Orthotics and Insoles or Inserts for Sandals.  I’ve done some reading on the topic and the following is what I’ve learned...

Foot Orthotics provide basic motion control which help to prevent in-ward and out-ward rolling of the foot.  They may also provide protection against heel shock or plantar pressures, especially Diabetic Orthotics. 

Professionally prescribed or fitted orthotics should be used when there is severe pain or when there is instability in the walk of the individual.  Specialized fitted orthotics are available from Podiatrists, Orthotists, Physiotherapists and other associated healthcare professionals.  When foot pain is severe and constant, it is important that a 'corrective' (not an over-the-counter Orthotic) device is prescribed by a trained clinician.  If you are experiencing any of the above related issues, it is highly recommended that you visit a specialist for evaluation. 

Insoles or Shoe Inserts provide a replacement insole for most shoes types. Features can vary from general comfort cushioning to basic odor control. Generally, insoles provide minimal motion control and are typically categorized as a ‘shoe or sandal upgrade'.  Most brands include different varieties of cloth insoles with products such as ball-of-foot cushions, shoe pads for sandals and flip flop cushion inserts.

Choosing the best product for your needs:

Now that you know the difference you can chose which products will best fit your needs.  Think about the feel of the fabric and the thickness of the insoles.  Are they flat insoles or thicker molded insoles?  Are they foam or gel?  In addition, terry cloth insoles or terry cloth liners are a great option for softness and moisture absorption.  While cooling gel insoles are a somewhat different and slippery alternative.  Silky poly cloth insoles are also a great choice for dressier sandals and heels and also provide a stylish comfort that all women crave! 

Because each person is unique, so is the response to new inner soles.  As you adjust to the new alignment, you may feel a difference in the way your feet feel in general and if by chance you experience any discomfort, remove the insoles immediately.


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