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How to warm cold toes

The weather is changing ever so slightly and so I’ve decided to tackle (warm to cool) transitional footwear.  It’s somewhat difficult to differentiate between the seasons here in South Florida but with that being said, nobody wants to appear devoid of style or comfort, so I’ve put together some expert tips and tricks for this post - read on if you want the scoop!

With so many open toed booties, platform sandals, and wedge sandals in winter-ready fabrics, like suede, the fall and winter definitely isn’t the time to shy away from style -  but how can you work the trend, without looking like a tourist when the weather isn’t hot?  Regardless of your age or sense of style, you’ll be able to work the look with these tips!

Depending on your general style, I think you can tell when you see a girl wearing cute chunky sandals and ankle socks, that it’s really genuine to her.  I think it’s a taste-by-taste situation.  Being completely confident in your particular fashion sense is the key.  But I’m a fan of playing around with hosiery and socks with open-toed shoes – think Princess Kate, not your grandma.  Try to experiment, but be realistic.  I think a younger demographic can pull off cute ankle socks, whereas more sophisticated women that are older should experiment with tights – beyond black, try a colored or patterned tight and see how it plays out.  Because I’m a fan of showing off a beautiful pedicure any time of the year, another look that I’m growing increasingly fond of is wearing beautifully knitted toeless yoga socks with my favorite comfortable sandals.  I don’t think women should feel limited to thinking they can’t wear an open-toed shoe in the winter and they should just play around and explore what looks best for them. 

Another thing I really love this season is ankle boots.  With a chic little ankle boot you have so many options - there’s so many different ways to wear it!  It works beautifully with a pencil skirt or tailored shorts and is a nice alternative to a mule or wedge sandal but also looks great with pants and jeans.

As always, Piggy Pillows insoles and inserts are a staple for fashion expression and for comfort and warmth when there are only my leather sandals between my feet and the cold pavement. 

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