Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Feet First!


Did you know that the moment you start exercising, whether it’s running, biking, yoga, Pilates or cross fit, the overall benefits of exercising actually kick in?  It’s true; there are changes in the body within seconds of working out.  Your heart rate increases and blood is delivered to your muscles.  You start burning calories for fuel and receive an almost immediate mood boost! 

Keeping it up can be hard with a busy schedule, but if you think about the long term health benefits, you may want to try harder.  In one week, if you step up your routine, your results will be even better.  Just four months of exercise is as good as prescription meds at boosting mood and reducing depression.  Keeping it up will not only let you live your life longer, but you will look younger, have more energy, stay slim and be happier too!

Remember to be mindful of your workout gear.  Replacing old sneakers is important, especially if you are experiencing foot discomfort, such as heel soreness or ball-of-foot pain.  In addition, place fresh insoles into the sandals that you wear to yoga or Pilates.  Whether they’re flat leather sandals, flip flops, slide sandals or wedges; cleaner feet and stylish sandals can both be achieved by replacing the inner sole.  A new pair of sandal inserts, insoles or heel pads from Piggy Pillows will give you the comfort and fashion you’ll love for 2016.

Whatever time of year it is, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying fashionable and being comfortable is always a great resolution to have!



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