A Sandal Story


Sandals by Juno Shoe Girl

I live in a city rich with history, scandal, and fashion.  Palm Beach County has many stories and if you are the slightest bit interested in preppy sandals, you probably already know the scandalous story behind Jack Rogers replicating the classic whip-stitched Navajo sandal which was made popular by Jackie Kennedy in the 1960’s. 

As the story has it, Jackie fell in love with a pair of sandals she purchased while in Capri.  She loved them so much she brought them to a cobbler in Palm Beach and asked them if they could make her a few pairs.  At the time, the owners Benny & Eva Bonanno worked with designer Luigi Pucillo in creating new sandals for Jackie.  The original Navajo sandal was worn by and made popular by both Jackie Kennedy and Lily Pulitzer making them a “go to” sandal for many Palm Beach society ladies and beyond. 

I love the history and the images associated with these iconic sandals and truly enjoyed the research.  But being a bit of a “sandal enthusiast”, I have to say I’m a huge fan of designer Nina Gilardi, of the Juno Shoe Girl.   Her high-quality sandals are beautiful and unique and come in an endless variety of styles and colors.  While these sandals are already comfortable, Piggy Pillows sandal insoles pair beautifully with them and can also remedy a loose fit in the event you have a particularly narrow foot.


“My sandals are handcrafted using the finest hand dyed and painted leathers.  Each pair is the culmination of the many areas of study in my career as an artist-craftsperson. The natural materials and color combinations that I use in my work are primarily influenced by my travels throughout Indonesia and Latin America. The bright colors, graphic patterns, and tribal art forms and symbols create a feeling of global synchronicity. I have combined these influences along with my talents in painting, leather, metals & ceramics into a collage of wearable art for the feet.”

- Nina Gelardi.

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