Show your toes this spring - sandal trends & sandal insoles.


Sandal Trends

The time has changed... literally.  On Sunday morning the clocks moved forward one hour making the days just a tad longer and spring is in the air!

The weather is cool and you may be wondering, “Is it OK to wear sandals if it’s still a little chilly out?”  The answer is yes!  As fashion changes and evolves, even rules once carved in stone are beginning to crumble.  The guidelines have changed so much that it's even okay to wear white shoes after Labor Day!  It's also perfectly acceptable to wear open-toed shoes and sandals throughout the year.  While wearing open-toed shoes and slides in the cooler months of spring won’t get you a ticket from the fashion police, there are some practical considerations to address.

Whether it's 60 degrees or 80 degrees, there is no definitive rule on the topic.  Casual and jeweled thong sandals, which tend to be considered a summertime fashion staple, can be completely changed when offered in a darker tone and warmer texture, such as pony hair, velvet or microsuede.  Wearing heavier tones and fabrics seem to be more acceptable during these months and allows you to indulge by wearing your favorite sandals while others are still sporting their boots.

Another thing to remember before you slip into our favorite spring sandal trend is to splurge on a pedicure or give yourself one.  Either way, show off your beautiful sandals with beautiful feet and don’t forget to cushion and protect each step with a fresh pair of antimicrobial sandal insoles by Piggy Pillows for a cleaner, healthier sandal wearing experience. 

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