Open shoe insole sets for any event


Insole sets available at Shoebuy

Did you know that you can find Piggy Pillows fashion insoles in a variety of stylish coordinating sets?  That’s right; we’ve put together over 20 beautifully coordinated sets that are much more than just fashion for your sandals, they’re comfort your feet will crave!

Whether you are looking for something subtle (like Posh or Bare Naked Piggy) or you want to make more of a statement (like Bohemian or ExtraExtra! Piggy), Piggy Pillows has you covered with beautiful coordinating open shoe liners that you can wear in your flat leather sandals or in your patent leather kitten heels.  Also included in the mix, our ultra soft Beach Blanket Piggy made with absorbent micro terry cloth for a super soft feel under your foot and they are the best if you experience “sweaty feet”.

We’ve taken the time to select over twenty on-trend combinations of Piggy Pillow's ¾ insoles and adjustable ball of foot and heel cushions to match up with any open shoe or sandal with a toe post.  You can view all of our style sets at and while you there, check out their amazing selection of super cute sandals and shoes for this season.

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