Wild Piggy

Wild Piggy ball of foot and heel inserts
Wild Piggy ball of foot and heel inserts
Brand: Piggy Pillows
Product Code: Wild Piggy Mini/Heel
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Wild Piggy Sandal Inserts

Take a walk on the wild side of life with Wild Piggy Insoles.  This baby leopard print looks stunning in virtually any shoe!  Wild Piggy is by far one of the most versatile styles in our collection.  Looks beautiful in red sandals!

Piggy Pillows function best in hard, flat leather or synthetic soled sandals.  Customize your fit with adjustable cushions.  Package includes two pieces.  Mini Piggy protects and cushions the ball-of-foot and Heel Pillow offers comfort to your heel.  While our insoles provide comfort, Piggy Pillows are not medical or corrective products; they are designed to add cushion and absorb moisture while contributing fashion and a personal touch to your “sole”.

~Adjustable two piece cushioned inserts

~Silky poly top fabric

~Antimicrobial treated fabric

~Tapered edge for a seamless fit

~Adhesive backing



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