Wear your sandals & open toed booties in fall months – It’s perfectly fine!2017.09.29

September and October are in principle “pre-fall” months especially if you live in Florida.  Even though the first day of autumn was September 22, the sun is still hot and there’s no rush to break out the fall wardrobe.  In fact, we’re all still enjoying the beach as well as flaunting our pedicures.  There’s no need to stop now... if you love your sandals, I say wear them!

Leather gladiators, wedge sandals, and dark hues are perfect for this time of year.  Even jeweled thong sandals are acceptable, particularly for a special occasion.  Open-toed wedges are super cute and can even be paired with dainty ankle socks or fishnets.  If you want a little extra oomph, try Piggy Pillows fashion inserts.  They have just enough cushioning so your feet won’t ache in sandals and fashionable colors and prints to match your fall footwear choice.

When November and December roll around, never fear, you can still sport those open-toed wedges and booties and even kick them up a notch with a pair of opaque tights or knitted knee-hi socks, and since it practically never snows in south Florida, (except for that one time in 1977) you’re pretty safe wearing open shoes all year around.  So enjoy and walk beautifully!

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Open shoe insole sets for any event2017.04.20

Insole sets available at Shoebuy

Did you know that you can find Piggy Pillows fashion insoles in a variety of stylish coordinating sets?  That’s right; we’ve put together over 20 beautifully coordinated sets that are much more than just fashion for your sandals, they’re comfort your feet will crave!

Whether you are looking for something subtle (like Posh or Bare Naked Piggy) or you want to make more of a statement (like Bohemian or ExtraExtra! Piggy), Piggy Pillows has you covered with beautiful coordinating open shoe liners that you can wear in your flat leather sandals or in your patent leather kitten heels.  Also included in the mix, our ultra soft Beach Blanket Piggy made with absorbent micro terry cloth for a super soft feel under your foot and they are the best if you experience “sweaty feet”.

We’ve taken the time to select over twenty on-trend combinations of Piggy Pillow's ¾ insoles and adjustable ball of foot and heel cushions to match up with any open shoe or sandal with a toe post.  You can view all of our style sets at and while you there, check out their amazing selection of super cute sandals and shoes for this season.

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Our incredible half off clearance sale is going on now with stylish insoles for sandals and flip flops.2017.04.11

50% Off Spring Sale

If you haven’t tried sandal insoles by Piggy Pillows yet, now is the perfect time because, for the entire month of April, Piggy Pillows is having their annual 50% off clearance event; just in time for Easter!

Sandals and flip-flops are just more comfortable with insoles, not to mention prettier.  Piggy Pillows offers many colors, patterns and fabrics to appeal to your sense of style as well as your craving for comfort.  Whether your sandals are hard and flat and your want to add cushion to the soles of your feet or you are dying to wear those adorable kitten heels but they hurt, Piggy Pillows can help you out with Mini Piggy & Heel Pillow (adjustable cushions for the ball of foot and heel).  For a cleaner, healthier sandal wearing experience, try Piggy Pillows insoles.

The official destination for your savings on fabulous sandal insoles is right here at  Use code Spring50 at checkout to receive 50% off your entire purchase.  Don’t forget, it’s for the month of April ONLY.  

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4 reasons to wear sandals this season & how to do it comfortably!2017.04.03

Reasons to wear sandals

Easter 2017 is just around the corner and it’s time to pick out pretty spring dresses and beautiful sandals to go with them!  You might have heard that sandals may not be the best choice for footwear especially if you’re going to be walking around all day, but here are some awesome reasons to make you feel better about your favorite sandals;

1.    Sandals are convenient.  With all of the spring activities, it can be tough to get out the door on time.  It’s just easier when you wear sandals, you can easily slip them on and be out the door without the delay of putting on hosiery, socks, lacing, tying, etc.  While sandals are convenient, you may be worried about your comfort in wearing them all day long.  To avoid slipping and rubbing, use a sandal insole such as Piggy Pillows to cushion each step.

2.    Sandals look great with practically any outfit.  Springtime brings a wonderful change in wardrobe.   From cute lacey shorts to fun spring rompers, sandals are the perfect accessory.  Typical cold weather footwear such as thick-soled boots and chunky clogs just don’t compliment a spring/summer wardrobe like sandals do.  Purchasing several pairs of statement sandals for the season is essential and if you want to kick it up a notch, try pairing them with the perfect color polish and stylish insoles from Piggy Pillows, I like the delicate gold color of Posh Piggy, sandal insoles... super cute!

3.    Sandals are easy to pack for vacations and weekend getaways.  Packing can be a stressful affair when all you want to do is relax.  Making sure you have everything you need and want, in as few bags as possible, doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task.  Sandals pack easily and you don’t have to worry about them.  In addition, sandals do not take up too much room in bags, giving you more space for clothes or other items.

4.    Sandals keep your feet and body cool.  When it’s warm outside, the last thing you feel like doing is wearing closed shoes that make your feet sweaty and hot.  Take this opportunity to wear sandals and allow your feet to stay cooler and drier.  This will not only help your feet feel better but can also keep your body temperature lower.  Keeping feet cool and dry can be achieved by wearing sandals with the help of sandal insoles.  Try Panaluu Piggy, super soft and absorbent terry cloth insoles or Bare Naked Piggy, silky top material insoles for comfort.

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Show your toes this spring - sandal trends & sandal insoles.2017.03.15

Sandal Trends

The time has changed... literally.  On Sunday morning the clocks moved forward one hour making the days just a tad longer and spring is in the air!

The weather is cool and you may be wondering, “Is it OK to wear sandals if it’s still a little chilly out?”  The answer is yes!  As fashion changes and evolves, even rules once carved in stone are beginning to crumble.  The guidelines have changed so much that it's even okay to wear white shoes after Labor Day!  It's also perfectly acceptable to wear open-toed shoes and sandals throughout the year.  While wearing open-toed shoes and slides in the cooler months of spring won’t get you a ticket from the fashion police, there are some practical considerations to address.

Whether it's 60 degrees or 80 degrees, there is no definitive rule on the topic.  Casual and jeweled thong sandals, which tend to be considered a summertime fashion staple, can be completely changed when offered in a darker tone and warmer texture, such as pony hair, velvet or microsuede.  Wearing heavier tones and fabrics seem to be more acceptable during these months and allows you to indulge by wearing your favorite sandals while others are still sporting their boots.

Another thing to remember before you slip into our favorite spring sandal trend is to splurge on a pedicure or give yourself one.  Either way, show off your beautiful sandals with beautiful feet and don’t forget to cushion and protect each step with a fresh pair of antimicrobial sandal insoles by Piggy Pillows for a cleaner, healthier sandal wearing experience. 

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What to wear with trendy sandals when the weather is cooler2016.10.18

Cool weather sandal trends

It’s officially fall, which usually means it’s time to pack up your jewel-clad thong sandals and gladiators and break out those thick soled boots, but for some of us lucky enough to live in South Florida or California, the weather couldn’t be more perfect for sandals!

I get it... You feel as if you’d like a change.  I completely understand.  Living in Florida, we essentially have 2 seasons, “hot” and “not so hot”, so I look forward to the days that I can pull out my sweaters and slide on my knee boots.  Even though wearing sandals in the colder months is sometimes frowned upon in the fashion world, it doesn’t mean you have to reserve your beautiful sandals for indoor only occasions. 

You may be wondering, “Is it OK to wear sandals during the colder months?”  The answer is yes!  As fashion changes and evolves, even rules once carved in stone are beginning to crumble.  The guidelines have changed so much that it's even okay to wear white shoes after Labor Day!  It's also perfectly acceptable to wear open-toed shoes and sandals throughout the year. While wearing open-toed shoes in the winter months won’t get you a ticket from the fashion police, there are some practical considerations to address.

Casual and jeweled thong sandals, which tend to be considered a summertime fashion staple, can be completely changed when offered in a darker tone and warmer texture, such as pony hair, velvet or micro suede.  Also, open-toed wedges are perfect for year-round wear.  For a couple of different looks, try pairing them with a cute pair of ankle socks or metallic opaque tights.    As always with open-toed shoes, keep your pedicure fresh and always keep your feet warm and dry with Piggy Pillows sandal inserts.  When wearing booties without socks, I use a pair of our Beach Blanket Piggy terry cloth insoles; they are super soft and absorbent insoles for shoes! 


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A Sandal Story2016.05.12

Sandals by Juno Shoe Girl

I live in a city rich with history, scandal, and fashion.  Palm Beach County has many stories and if you are the slightest bit interested in preppy sandals, you probably already know the scandalous story behind Jack Rogers replicating the classic whip-stitched Navajo sandal which was made popular by Jackie Kennedy in the 1960’s. 

As the story has it, Jackie fell in love with a pair of sandals she purchased while in Capri.  She loved them so much she brought them to a cobbler in Palm Beach and asked them if they could make her a few pairs.  At the time, the owners Benny & Eva Bonanno worked with designer Luigi Pucillo in creating new sandals for Jackie.  The original Navajo sandal was worn by and made popular by both Jackie Kennedy and Lily Pulitzer making them a “go to” sandal for many Palm Beach society ladies and beyond. 

I love the history and the images associated with these iconic sandals and truly enjoyed the research.  But being a bit of a “sandal enthusiast”, I have to say I’m a huge fan of designer Nina Gilardi, of the Juno Shoe Girl.   Her high-quality sandals are beautiful and unique and come in an endless variety of styles and colors.  While these sandals are already comfortable, Piggy Pillows sandal insoles pair beautifully with them and can also remedy a loose fit in the event you have a particularly narrow foot.


“My sandals are handcrafted using the finest hand dyed and painted leathers.  Each pair is the culmination of the many areas of study in my career as an artist-craftsperson. The natural materials and color combinations that I use in my work are primarily influenced by my travels throughout Indonesia and Latin America. The bright colors, graphic patterns, and tribal art forms and symbols create a feeling of global synchronicity. I have combined these influences along with my talents in painting, leather, metals & ceramics into a collage of wearable art for the feet.”

- Nina Gelardi.

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2016 Spring/Summer Sandal Trends2016.04.21

The spring/summer 2016 sandal collections are available and what better time to start thinking about which styles to wear on vacation then and now!  “No heel is too high and no detail is too decadent”.  Take the Roman road with flat, gladiator style lace up sandals or slip into something simple and chic, with a block heel.  For 2016, it’s all about the “statement shoe”!

Often it’s the simplest details that have the most impact on an outfit.  Building an arsenal of finishing touches inspired by the latest accessory trends can go a long way towards injecting new life into wardrobe basics and past-season pieces.  Shoes and sandals are just one of those magical items. They’re essential for elevating simple outfits from denim jeans to polished pencil skirts, plus they’ll change your entire ensemble’s mood in two seconds flat.  Desk to dinner?  It’s all in the shoes.  So obviously, once a new season rolls around, a new pair of cute sandals (or two or three) becomes essential.  Love your previous season sandals?  Reviving them is easy by simply inserting fashion insoles from Piggy Pillows.  Don’t toss your favorite worn slide sandals because the straps are too loose.  Fashion comfort insoles can revive your wedge sandals and help them fit and feel better than before.

Spring 2016 is proving to be pretty on point in the footwear department, with steppers like easy to wear slide-on espadrilles and '70s inspired open-toed clogs joining the ranks of beloved lace-up gladiators and multi-colored platform flats embellished with equally colorful pom-poms.

Step into the new season the right way with the latest must-have shoes for the post-winter season, and add that extra level of fashion and comfort to new and old footwear with sandal inspired insoles by Piggy Pillows.



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Ideas for a Unique and Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gift2016.02.05

Valentine’s Day can be a lovely event for everyone, not just lovers. Think about all the people in your life who you truly appreciate and can’t imagine being without; that’s what the “Millennial Valentine’s Day” represents now. Apart from the traditional bouquet of roses and box of heart-shaped chocolates, Valentines gifts are a wonderful gesture that can be cherished and enjoyed between couples and friends alike.

Let’s face it - receiving any gift is nice, but this Valentine’s Day, why not take a break from the usual boxed chocolates and greeting cards?  Instead, think of creating memories and doing something together as a couple, or round up your favorite girls for a day.  Seek out the perfect relaxing spa for a couples massage or plan a day with the girls for pedicures - both options are enjoyable and will easily become a welcome tradition.  If a spa day is not affordable, why not try a foot massage or reflexology salon?  I found that these types of establishments are popping up in more places now and cater to both men and women.  Foot reflexology massage can be a deeply relaxing and therapeutic modality for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries, or even everyday work and play.

Now that you’ve decided to bypass the conventional with some innovative and non-traditional gift-giving ideas, I have some great ideas for presenting your gift.  If you’ve purchased a gift certificate for the spa or foot massage, why not present it with an attractive and reusable gift bag from Piggy Pillows?  Piggy Pillows offers 5 different choices of attractive gift sets with fashion insoles for sandals, perfect for any special lady in your life.  In fact, she will love Piggy Pillows so much because they provide cushioning and promote a more comfortable and stylish sandal wearing experience.  With that in mind, treat yourself to a pair of sandal insoles by Piggy Pillows.  Show love to yourself on that special day by being your own Valentine!


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Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Feet First!2016.01.25

Did you know that the moment you start exercising, whether it’s running, biking, yoga, Pilates or cross fit, the overall benefits of exercising actually kick in?  It’s true; there are changes in the body within seconds of working out.  Your heart rate increases and blood is delivered to your muscles.  You start burning calories for fuel and receive an almost immediate mood boost! 

Keeping it up can be hard with a busy schedule, but if you think about the long term health benefits, you may want to try harder.  In one week, if you step up your routine, your results will be even better.  Just four months of exercise is as good as prescription meds at boosting mood and reducing depression.  Keeping it up will not only let you live your life longer, but you will look younger, have more energy, stay slim and be happier too!

Remember to be mindful of your workout gear.  Replacing old sneakers is important, especially if you are experiencing foot discomfort, such as heel soreness or ball-of-foot pain.  In addition, place fresh insoles into the sandals that you wear to yoga or Pilates.  Whether they’re flat leather sandals, flip flops, slide sandals or wedges; cleaner feet and stylish sandals can both be achieved by replacing the inner sole.  A new pair of sandal inserts, insoles or heel pads from Piggy Pillows will give you the comfort and fashion you’ll love for 2016.

Whatever time of year it is, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying fashionable and being comfortable is always a great resolution to have!



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Woman’s Insole Gift Sets for any Occasion!2015.12.25

Gift Set with small wristlet for any occasion

Holiday gifts are fun, but it’s time to start thinking beyond the lights and tree.  Piggy Pillows has a great solution for gift giving that you can tailor yourself for any special occasion.  Our insole gift sets are beautifully packaged and come in a stylish reusable bag that is thoughtful, unique and appeals to all the exceptional women in your life.  This coming year, it’s never too early to think about the gift of fashion and comfort for that special someone including; bridesmaid gifts, valentine’s gifts, gifts for mom, travel gifts and more. 

We’ve designed 5 unique options of combo pack gift sets to choose from that compliment all styles of sandals and/or flip flops.  Here are some great ideas for your next gift: 

Kristen’s Picks include three pairs of our ultra-soft Beach Blanket Piggy sandal inserts with absorbent terry cloth fabric, perfect for a spa day or any beach destination wedding. 

Jenny’s Picks include three pairs of our bestselling One Solid Piggy, Platinum and News Print to coordinate with black sandals, and metallic flats.  The perfect gift for pampering yourself on Valentine’s Day and they will compliment your beautiful pedicure with red polish.

Thinking about a girl’s weekend getaway, spring break vacation, bridal party or destination wedding?  Surprise your girlfriends with Kelly’s Picks, three pairs of our neutral tan collection including Bare Naked Piggy, Wild, and Posh.  These sandal pads will add subtle style and cushioning for your feet. 

Before you know it, Easter will be here and that means beautiful new sandals to go with you fresh spring wardrobe.  Walking in kitten heel sandals is more comfortable with ball-of-foot cushions by Piggy Pillows.  Jodi’s Picks include three pairs of Mini Piggy with Heel Pillow adjustable shoe pads for sandals in colors and prints that will bring together your outfit for spring perfectly.

Whatever the occasion, Piggy Pillows has a stylish gift bag to compliment your sandal style and gift set needs.  Shop our site to find the perfect insole combination set, whether you’re looking for anniversary gifts, Christmas gift bags, spa gifts, pedicure bags or that perfect bridal shower gift, you’ll find it at Piggy Pillows. 


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Feet First! How to Keep Your Feet Warm in Cold Weather2015.11.19

As the weather becomes increasingly chillier, so do our extremities, especially our toes!  It's a known fact that women are more likely to develop cold in their extremities than men.  [Cold feet warm heart, right?]

There are many theories as to why women suffer from cold feet, some relating to circulation and the way our fat layers are distributed.  As we age, our skin gets thinner and there is less fat tissue on the pads of our feet to protect us from the elements.  This makes it more difficult for blood flow to warm up cold feet.  So the question is, how to keep feet warm during cold weather?  The following tips below will help you achieve beautiful, warm feet, ready to slip into sexy holiday sandals, booties, pointy toe flats or any other cold weather footwear! 

Soak your feet in a warm foot bath.  This will slowly increase circulation, gradually warming up your feet, but make sure the water isn’t too hot.  If it is, you may experience some numbness or pain as a result.  Keeping it warm is not only relaxing but will actually help to warm your entire body.  Add some essential oils for that foot spa feeling and while you’re there, try exfoliating.  Beautiful feet are always in style no matter what time of year it is! 

Make a warming foot mask.  Slathering your feet in a warming, soothing mask can go a long way toward boosting circulation and keeping your feet hydrated.  Plus, it feels fantastic and is a welcome 15-minute “spa-like” break.  Try these homemade foot mask ingredients for a relaxing foot mask compliments of Martha Stewart:

Orange Spice Foot Mask

1/2 cup whole oats
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
4 tablespoons warm water
1 teaspoon olive oil
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon fresh ginger, grated
4 drops sweet orange essential oil

Foot Mask How-To:

1. Using a food processor, grind the oats to a fine powder. Transfer to a medium-size bowl, add the remaining ingredients, and stir until blended into a thick paste.

2. Prepare two warm, wet washcloths or hand towels, either by wetting them and placing them in the microwave for one to two minutes or by soaking them in hot (not boiling) water. Wring out excess water and set aside.

3. Sitting with your feet in the tub or a large basin, use your hands to spread a thick layer of the mask over each foot, covering them completely up to the ankles. After wiping hands clean, wrap each foot in one of the washcloths to seal in the moisture from the mask.  Sit back and relax for 10 to 15 minutes.

4. When you're ready to remove the mask, carefully lift off the washcloths. Rinse your feet using warm water.  Dry thoroughly with a towel.

Once your feet are exfoliated and dry, try using a hot water bottle to keep the chill away.  I used to do this all the time during long haul flights to Europe and Brazil.  I used a regular empty water bottle filled with hot water, but for home use there are so many beautiful hot water bottle options available now.

Lastly, before you slip into your favorite loafers or winter shoes, whether they are leather or suede, try inserting padded insoles [Piggy Pillows Terry Cloth insoles, for instance] to give you an extra layer of cushion and protection between your beautiful feet and the cold bottom of the outer sole.  


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Sandal Guide, Seasonal Styles & Piggy Pillow Accessories2015.10.20

How to warm cold toes

The weather is changing ever so slightly and so I’ve decided to tackle (warm to cool) transitional footwear.  It’s somewhat difficult to differentiate between the seasons here in South Florida but with that being said, nobody wants to appear devoid of style or comfort, so I’ve put together some expert tips and tricks for this post - read on if you want the scoop!

With so many open toed booties, platform sandals, and wedge sandals in winter-ready fabrics, like suede, the fall and winter definitely isn’t the time to shy away from style -  but how can you work the trend, without looking like a tourist when the weather isn’t hot?  Regardless of your age or sense of style, you’ll be able to work the look with these tips!

Depending on your general style, I think you can tell when you see a girl wearing cute chunky sandals and ankle socks, that it’s really genuine to her.  I think it’s a taste-by-taste situation.  Being completely confident in your particular fashion sense is the key.  But I’m a fan of playing around with hosiery and socks with open-toed shoes – think Princess Kate, not your grandma.  Try to experiment, but be realistic.  I think a younger demographic can pull off cute ankle socks, whereas more sophisticated women that are older should experiment with tights – beyond black, try a colored or patterned tight and see how it plays out.  Because I’m a fan of showing off a beautiful pedicure any time of the year, another look that I’m growing increasingly fond of is wearing beautifully knitted toeless yoga socks with my favorite comfortable sandals.  I don’t think women should feel limited to thinking they can’t wear an open-toed shoe in the winter and they should just play around and explore what looks best for them. 

Another thing I really love this season is ankle boots.  With a chic little ankle boot you have so many options - there’s so many different ways to wear it!  It works beautifully with a pencil skirt or tailored shorts and is a nice alternative to a mule or wedge sandal but also looks great with pants and jeans.

As always, Piggy Pillows insoles and inserts are a staple for fashion expression and for comfort and warmth when there are only my leather sandals between my feet and the cold pavement. 

Want to see more unique and trendy fashion ideas?  Follow Piggy Pillows on Pintrest! 


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Insoles, Inserts, Liners, Pads. What’s the difference?2015.09.09

Insoles, inserts, liners, pads, cushions, what's the difference?

There are many different sandal insole products on the market now a days, it can be confusing which product is the best insole choice for you and all of your little piggy’s.  First of all, you should know the difference between Foot Orthotics and Insoles or Inserts for Sandals.  I’ve done some reading on the topic and the following is what I’ve learned...

Foot Orthotics provide basic motion control which help to prevent in-ward and out-ward rolling of the foot.  They may also provide protection against heel shock or plantar pressures, especially Diabetic Orthotics. 

Professionally prescribed or fitted orthotics should be used when there is severe pain or when there is instability in the walk of the individual.  Specialized fitted orthotics are available from Podiatrists, Orthotists, Physiotherapists and other associated healthcare professionals.  When foot pain is severe and constant, it is important that a 'corrective' (not an over-the-counter Orthotic) device is prescribed by a trained clinician.  If you are experiencing any of the above related issues, it is highly recommended that you visit a specialist for evaluation. 

Insoles or Shoe Inserts provide a replacement insole for most shoes types. Features can vary from general comfort cushioning to basic odor control. Generally, insoles provide minimal motion control and are typically categorized as a ‘shoe or sandal upgrade'.  Most brands include different varieties of cloth insoles with products such as ball-of-foot cushions, shoe pads for sandals and flip flop cushion inserts.

Choosing the best product for your needs:

Now that you know the difference you can chose which products will best fit your needs.  Think about the feel of the fabric and the thickness of the insoles.  Are they flat insoles or thicker molded insoles?  Are they foam or gel?  In addition, terry cloth insoles or terry cloth liners are a great option for softness and moisture absorption.  While cooling gel insoles are a somewhat different and slippery alternative.  Silky poly cloth insoles are also a great choice for dressier sandals and heels and also provide a stylish comfort that all women crave! 

Because each person is unique, so is the response to new inner soles.  As you adjust to the new alignment, you may feel a difference in the way your feet feel in general and if by chance you experience any discomfort, remove the insoles immediately.


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Comfort, Support & Relief from Sandals and Flip Flops2015.08.20

Comfort and relief from sandals

August and September are two of the hottest months here in South Florida and that means wearing cool, comfortable apparel including thong sandals and flip flops.

Many people including myself, love the feeling of walking around in a great pair of open sandals but sometimes feet can become fatigued or sore after just a couple of hours in sandals.  The trouble is, you know what comes next; blisters, raw skin, and achy arches.  Sandals may be fun and fashionable, but they’re no friends to feet unless you know about insoles for sandals.

The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) considers your feet a marvel of engineering.  Together, your two feet contain more than 50 bones, accounting for about one-fourth of all the bones in your body.  Somehow they also make room for more than 60 joints and 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments that hold them together and help them move.  Now that’s impressive!

Your beautiful feet have a very tough job; it's not surprising that many problems can affect them.  For starters, over the course of your life, you put a lot of wear and tear on your feet, simply walking around on an average day pounds them with hundreds of tons of pressure.  It’s no wonder why wearing open sandals sounds so appealing!

Then there is the matter of style. Women often don’t hesitate to run out the door for a busy day wearing hard, flat sandals that most times offer too much room so you find yourself slipping around with zero support or cushioning.  I have been known to purchase sandals that are too loose just because they were on sale and totally irresistible.

Let’s face it, we’ve all read the negative side of wearing sandals and flip flops but don’t let this slow you down or keep you from showing off those awesome jeweled sandals.  Insoles for flip flops or inserts for sandals can help tremendously with many of these issues.  Piggy Pillows fashion insoles for thong sandals help remedy many sandal related issues and add style to your existing footwear.  

Piggy Pillows sandal comfort insoles are both stylish and supportive, whether you’re strolling along the boardwalk, or enjoying a night on the town, we offer sandal comfort insoles for you and your fashion sense that your feet will thank you for!


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